Yesterday your computer worked perfectly, but today you notice that some applications work slowly and stop responding frequently, you receive many errors, your computer freezes frequently and you have to reset it to continue your work? During your normal work or during startup you get BSOD (Blue Screen of Death), and you cannot use your computer at all, and even startup it? And you hear strange unusual clanking or clicking sounds from the system case of your computer? If you have at least one or more symptoms, then most possible reason is that your hard drive has a problem and your data may be lost at any time.

How to fix this kind of problems to avoid data losses and safe your important information? First of all download HDD Regenerator and check your hard drive as soon as possible. HDD Regenerator is very easy to use and very powerful computer program, which each computer user must have installed on his or her computer to avoid problems with data losses.

What is HDD Regenerator and why it has to be installed on each computer?

The most important hardware component of each computer is hard disk drive (also known as hard drive, hard disk or HDD, some computers use SSD drives). Hard drive is the most important hardware component because it stores all your information. Hard drive is a complex mechanical device, and unfortunately it is not 100% robust part of a computer. If your hard drive fails, you lose all your data.

HDD Regenerator is a software program which sends real-time information to you about your hard drive’s condition, and if any hardware problem with your hard drive is detected it timely informs you to make backup of your important data. Another advantage of HDD Regenerator is that it not only scans hard drive surface for bad sectors, but also repairs bad sectors on a hard drive surface without data losses. And as a result, previously unreadable information on a damaged hard drive is restored!

Actually HDD Regenerator is 2 in 1 software application which consists of the following parts:

1.       Hard drive realtime monitor – observes and analyses all your internal hard drives for possible hardware or mechanical problems. If any problem is detected or predicted, it immediately notifies you to make backup of all your important data. HDD Regenerator hard drive state realtime monitor have to be installed on each Windows-based computer.

2.       HDD Regenerator Shell for solving hard drive bad sectors problem. HDD Regenerator scans hard drive surface for bad sectors and repairs them. If data was unreadable because of bad sectors, then HDD Regenerator makes the data readable and fixes the problem with the hard drive.

HDD Regenerator can be used even if you cannot boot to Windows, if you have a non-Windows operating system or if your computer does not have any operating system installed at all. For this purpose you have to create HDD Regenerator bootable regenerating flash or CD/DVD using any other computer with HDD Regenerator installed. Then boot your computer from the HDD Regenerator bootable regeneration flash or CD/DVD. The repair process will start automatically.